What is Neu Classroom?

Neu Classroom is a new class methodology that utilizes Neu Academy in class. We aim at achieving sustainable and scalable personalized education by gamification and automation.

Learn more about what we mean by personalization, gamification and automation and why they are so important.

For the time being, our team focuses on English teaching. In the near future, we may expand the platform to cover other subjects.

Learn more about our approach and classes we have conducted so far.

What exactly is “Neu Academy”?

Neu Academy is an online learning platform that consists of an ever-growing library of learning materials, innovative educational games, electronic learning activities and cloud-based class management tools.

Neu Academy motivates students by providing learning materials that suit their tastes and allows them to work at their own pace.

Part of the material library

Automatically generated records showing students learning at their own pace

Neu Academy gives students the opportunity to practice listening and speaking, which the traditional English classroom teaching cannot possibly provide.

Listening practices in every exercise

Neu Academy is highly automated. Learning records are automatically kept and exercises marked. Students are automatically rewarded for their good performance.

Exercises automatically marked

Rewards: Stars (all claimed) and Diamonds (not yet claimed)

Neu Academy is getting more and more game-oriented, providing students with even more innovative and fun ways of learning.

Fun educational game

Over the years, we have fine-tuned the class methodology through learning programs that extensively utilize Neu Academy.

Learn more about how we conduct classes with Neu Academy and classes we have conducted so far.